Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Working hard in Math!

Hello Parents!! 

 I wanted to share a few pictures of us working on some math concepts in our classroom! We've been working with the concept of 10, and we've been using ten frames to help us understand this concept. We've also been practicing "subitizing". Subitizing sounds like a tricky word, but it's a really easy concept! Subitizing is the skill of being able to quickly recognize representations of numbers without counting. This can be something as simple as holding up 5 fingers and knowing that there are 5 fingers without having to count. We've been practicing this skill with ten frames. We learned that if the top row of the ten frame is full- it's five! If both rows are full- it's 10! It's been really helping us build number sentences and add numbers together. Once we already know that a full frame is 10 and then we see 3 more in a separate frame, then we know that is 13! Or even 10+3=13! It's been a great few days in Math! Thanks for your support at home!! 

Last Friday, we painted numbers into ten frames!

On Tuesday, we built numbers with ten frames and counters!

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