At Home

Here are some things you can do at home to help your child succeed-

READ. Read with them, read to them, let them read to you- it's so important.

Have lots of different books available at home. Go to the public or school library and check out new books as often as you can. You can also get books on CD, magazines, comic books and other fun things from your library.

Notice letters and words at home or out in the community. Play games to see who can find the most letters or the most objects that start with that letter.

Have things available for them to count. (buttons, coins, toy cars, beans) Having something physical for them to count will help with addition and subtraction.

Encourage your child to write. Let them help you with the grocery list or with a note to a family member. They need to understand that writing is useful in every day life, not just in school.

Model healthy habits for eating and exercising.

Enforce an appropriate bed time. Often our students come to school so worn out and it really affects how they learn and focus at school. Every child needs to get enough sleep at night in order to have a successful school day.

Limit the amount of time spent playing video games or watching TV. Encourage your child to pick up a basketball or ride their bike instead.